My world tour : surely one of my most important projects of life. I've dreamed about it from childhood. When I was 8, I planned it with my best friend.
I'm preparing it. Now, I want to live this experience and put it down on page of my history.

For this project, I'm Yogo. I'm 23 and I'm leaving in less than a year, I'm going to travel around the world.
I want to meet people, to go and truly meet them in their life. I want to share their way of life.

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I'm going to travel from local place to another, from Turkey to Peru by many countries1.

The two subjects that I'm the most interested in are Energy (and environmental aspect) and Education. I studied Energy and I started working on it and probably carry on when I'll be back.

Education took me a big part of my commitment time. I have been an AFEV volunteer, I've got involved in "SUD étudiant" union, I taught children, and I always have been interested in "Petits Debrouillards" association works. I read a lot about alternative education.

I can't complain about education (school system) I had, because it worked for me. However, I complain there is only one system and we force all children to adapt to it, whereas it should be the opposite. I know there are other way to educate children and citizen. We should use cooperation and not competition, to build the self-esteem and not sanction by marks, to rise critical thinking and not bombarding people with knowledge.

Thus, I'm going to focus my world trip on education subjects. I want to attend “world school”, I want to learn with pupils, by them, from them, their language, their customs and the way they learn (and by the way how their teacher teach). I'm conscious there isn't school in each village of our world but I'm sure there are associations and volunteers everywhere and I want to highlight their work, at least through this blog. I'm going to meet women who create associations to learn, to train in order to go on and improve their futur.

This is the first definition of my project, my “daily” project...

I would like to enhance it. I'm looking for some special educating project that can be like big stages along my route.
I'm totally open minded and I will study any partnership to build a bigger project with a world NGO or association for example.


I'm really worry about climate change. Therefore, I want to avoid planes. This is not really a problem for me, I prefer using local transport, walking, biking, hitch-hiking, bus, train, boat...

I'm going to travel as backpacker. I'll just have the subsistence stuff : some clothes, toilet bag and  first-aid kit, my passport and IDs and a VISA Card. I'm going to write everything down a notebook and I'll try to share as much as I can. I want to offer the possibility for people I'll met to write and express themselves in an other notebook, my "interviews notebook". For those who don't know how to write, I'm going to interview verbally. Do I bring a movie camera and a computer or just a camera and a handheld recorder? I'm afraid of the weight of netbook+movie camera and I think it's more disturbing.


I'm working this year as Energy Advisor for the Pays d'Epernay Terres de Champagne association. I should finance alone my trip.

Some people ask me questions about my job when I'll be back. I don't really think about it and I'm not afraid about that. All experiences I'm going to live will be unique and beneficial, not only because I'm going to discover other cultures but also because I'm going to developp my networking.

I may try to find jobs when I'll decide to stop somewhere in order to earn money along my trip.
For example, I would like to give some french, english, spanish or technical (energy, math...) courses to young pupils.
Of course I'll give a hand to all associations I'll meet on my way.

Finally, consider this blog as a way for me to learn from you. Don't hesitate to tell me your experiences and give your advice and "tips" around the world.