Exchanging through internet with scientists or explorers, training on computers or for digital photography, attending to writing or drawing workshops, such are the offers made by  « L’enfant@l’hôpital »to ill children.


A thousand ways to learn differently !Lire la suite...

Via Kolibri, a private internet platform, their cyber-reporters send, seldom from the end of the world, short reports with photos and enigmas. They answer personnaly to the children. 

The young ill an disabled may also express themselves trough writing, drawing or digital photo workshops. With the most modern tools, culture can so meet ill children.

Since more than 20 years, volonteers of this association intervene at request, in all of France, to help hospitaized ill or disabled children or adolescents.

Born in 1986, the association « L’enfant @ l’hôpital » has always had for mission to equip and accompany ill children and those who take care of them, to modern technologies, in  order to establish a continuity school.

Each year, nearly 3000 hospitalized children benefit from the services of  « L’enfant@l’hôpital » and several hundreds connect themselves each day to Kolibri.

And I will be one of their correspondants during my world tour. I have made an appointement with the children from the hospital of Valence (France) in January, to introduce them to my project and invite them to follow me for the two coming years.

If you wish, you may read the terms of the agreement I made with the association here below.
Thanks to the two "rémois", Anne et Benjamin de BiketoSchool who mentionned this association during our exchanges. And thank you to  Ludovic Hubler who's book encouraged my desire to provoke this meeting. Yet niether one of the three are members of this association.

Special thanks to Anne Dunoyer, Déléguée générale de l'association, for having welcomed me me to discuss my project. It was very pleasant.

And soon I will be meeting Lauréline Perotin,trainee at the 'association and who will be my contact during my journey. 
Hi Lauréline,
Meet you soon,


A few months ago, I devoured Ludovic Hubler's book until the last page. And in this last page, the author mentionned the project he had in mind: Travel with a mission

I quickly contacted Ludovic to learn more about his project and offered to lend him a hand.


Building bridges between teachers who are keen to welcome globe trotters and those who are globe trotting and are keen to visit the schools of the world, is what www.travelwithamission.org set itself as an objective.Lire la suite...

The plan in a few words

A first notice about travelers using this website

There are more and more young (and sometimes less young) cultured and open minded people willing to travel a few months or a few years to increase their knowledge of the world surrounding them. These, often polyglot, fully licensed globe trotters, are more and more frequent on the world's roads. Before leaving, or on their way, they often realize that their journey could be useful to others as well.

This is "Travel With A Mission"'s (TWAM) "raison d'etre"

Our western consumer society is too individualistic, too self centered, let's say: too selfish!

And yet, more and more young people wish to be useful to help cure our sick planet, suffering from environmental problems, wars, and all sorts of social disorders.

The TWAM site will be a useful tool to all these young altruists, wishing to travel for a specific goal.

A second one about homebody's using this website

The development of new rechnologies across the world (and more recently the growth of social networks) has shown the need for people to learn from each other, in order to respect each one's right to be different.

Teachers have a crucial part to play in this field, as they train youth and encourage cultural exchanges.

Thoughout the world, teachers and training officers seek for means to allow youth to mix with other people originating from different social and cultural backgrounds.

TWAM will help teachers to meet this need.

Concept and Objective

TWAM is an interactive website that allows links between people willing to perform lectures throughout the world in every social or cultural environment (schools, universities, various organisations) and those likely to accomodate these lectures in their institutions.

It will promote :

  • Intercultural dialogue and exchange of knowledge between nations/ ethnic groups/ communities/ religions...................

  • "Intelligent travelling" and encounter between travelers and natives.

  • Knowledge and "know-how" exchanges between individuals whatsoever.

  • Help to globetrotters media coverage of tehir journey by means of a data base of journalists throughout the world, who are eager to publish orginal initiatives carrying a positive impact on the community.


If you wish to support this beggining project, or if you approuve of it, linf to the facebook page or send an email, and come discuss it at the first meeting in Paris on December 10th and 11th.