How to define my world trip route?

In my head, the earth not only have spun from west to east... I look at all horizons and all directions before deciding.
It depend how long time you go around and I changed that too.

First of all, I thought travelling with my backpack to visit the world during one year. Then, I said I want to stop in some place to feel it and share peolpe's life, one year seem to be short. When I decided to make a bigger projet of my world trip, two years appear to be necessary.

Anyway, you still don't know which country I'm going to visit, so I'm telling it now.

Lire la suite...I'm not going to visit rich country,because of b budget and I know a bit the "western" way of life :-) Anyway, I'll casue the oportunity to go ther later.

I'll start in Asia, in Turkey. I'm looking for a boat (sailing boat, ferry or freighter) which is going to Turkey from France and accept to bring me there.

Then, I'm doing a return, a circle, first way by the North and back by the south. Thus, I'm not going to turn around the world because I don't cross the Pacific ocean whereas I'm going to cross all the continent except Oceania.
So, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, Tibet (I know it's in China but, it's, at least, different geographically , historically  and the climat is different too), Nepal, India, Pakistan, Iran, Irak, and Israel.

I'm back to the Eurasian-African boreder, back from my first end of earth.
Ther, if I want to respect the good timing for climate, I have to cross rapidly Egypt, where I can go later anyway.
Then, I go down Africa, along the rift valley. I took this decision after reading Africa trek.
I'll live for some time in Sudan (We don't know yet the name of the two nexte state), Ethiopia , Kenya,  Tanzania, Malawi, Zimbabwe, and Finally South Africa, my second end of earth.

Next, I'll need to find a boat to cross the Atlantic Ocean.
I'll arrive somewhere along east coast of South America. I'll go to the South, crossing Argentina and Chile in order to stretch to ground fire .
Finally, I'll go North, Peru and Colombia.

I'll write the end next time. I may go back France or continue to the North to Mexico and USA. There are also countries of West Africa that I would like to visit...